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Some of the writers who have attended Laguna Writers have posted their comments below. If you have further questions, please contact me.

Dennis Debiase

"It’s so amazing to me to discover my love of words all over again, as if for the first time --and to know that other people who love words and toss them around with such precision and beauty and triumph can actually lighten and delight my hardened heart."

Eve Stern

"You are so genuine and warm and caring and your beauty emanates from you. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to write with you."

Simone Cameron

"I was finding the whole process of writing individually with no feedback lonely and uninspiring. Taking a workshop forced me to write every week in a supportive environment where I could have fun with the creative process. This method really works -- at long last I have work ready to be submitted, and most importantly, I now realize that writing doesn't have to be drudgery, it can be fun!"

Amy Hoffman

"I can't thank you enough for your fabulous writing workshop, gentle encouragement, warm hospitality, and of course, your BROWNIES! Writing with you has changed everything for me--thank you for providing an amazing environment and a catalyst for making me a writer again."

Jill Lander

"It was really life-changing for me. . .The workshop seemed to unscrew the lid off whatever has been stymieing me and I really want to write more. Somehow I feel like I found my voice this weekend."

Eric Fraser

"I've taken many writing classes and workshops. Chris' workshop is the most supportive and enjoyable, as well as being informative and productive. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and highly recommended."

Marni McGee

"Thank you so very much, Chris, for your ability to draw people out, to make them feel safe and sure. With your prompting and coaxing, you drew out some amazing writing as well as lovely, insightful comments. "

Don Skipworth

"A male midwife named Chris helped us birth our feelings to the page."

Patti Ruane

"I really love what is happening with my writing through these workshops... little by little I am emerging from the confines of my old stories."

Heather Tuggle

"The inspiration and encouragement I get from writing with others propels me to write more when I am alone."

Beverly Hanley

"The sustenance of snacks and coffee and light and safety; the serious, playful invitation to enter our own great realms of story and explore the internal forces."

Laurel Lyle

"You are a slyly gifted teacher and I am so glad to have come into your sphere."

Eileen Burkemoody

"Where to begin? The solicitous hosts? The wonderful writers? You decide. Thank you Chris for a sensitively facilitated writing workshop. Thank you everyone for trusting me with your words. Your trust is well placed."

Kenneth Caldwell

"I looked around the group and saw individuals sharing the story without judgment. Kind of a miracle, really."








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