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Gay Men's Writing Brunch

(TBA: Check back soon for the date)

Day long workshops are a wonderful way to sink into the writing process for several hours, and a nice alternative for those who can't commit to a weekly meeting right now. They offer the opportunity to begin a project, explore an idea, and even leave with a developed piece. For all of these reasons, the day long workshops are unique.

The gay men's all day workshop offers something else: a chance to explore ideas or topics that you may not feel as comfortable addressing in a mixed group. The actual experience of writing with a group of gay men is unique, because we're able to write freely, and to connect as a community outside of the usual (often alienating) environments, like bars and clubs.

My original AWA workshops began with a group of five gay men (in 1992), and the experience then was as profound for me as it is now. I am continually amazed by the brave, funny, beautiful, sexy writing we produce together, and for the way these fellow writers treat one another with such respect. What a treat it is to witness a group of men listening to one another this way, and what an honor it continues to be to have so many wonderful writers in my living room.

The workshop includes a light brunch menu (with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options), dessert, coffee and tea, and five and a half hours of writing time, all for the reasonable fee of $100.

We write together, read voluntarily, take several breaks to eat together, and talk with one another.

Doesn't that sound great?

Come join us!

For more information, or to sign up, please contact me.

I look forward to writing (and eating) with you soon.

Get the recipe for the frittata above by clicking here


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