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Please send me an email if you have any questions or if you'd like to sign up for a retreat or a workshop series.
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About Christopher P. DeLorenzo



Here's what people are saying about Laguna Writers Workshops and Retreats!

"I really love what is happening with my writing through these workshops... little by little I am emerging from the confines of my old stories."
-- Workshop Participant, Patti Ruane

"Thank you so very much, Chris, for your ability to draw people out, to make them feel safe and sure. With your prompting and coaxing, you drew out some amazing writing as well as lovely, insightful comments."
-- Workshop Participant, Marni McGee

"I looked around the group and saw individuals sharing the story without judgment. Kind of a miracle, really."
-- Workshop Participant, Kenneth Caldwell

"...the inspiration and encouragement I get from writing with others propels me to write more when I am alone."
-- Retreat Participant, Heather Tuggle

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